Greens policy launched to reverse privatisation of public sector


The Greens have announced their plan to restore the public service to 2013 staffing levels and put a cap on the use of consultants and contractors.

“The Greens will rebuild a strong public sector that delivers quality public services,” said Leader of the Australian Greens Dr Richard Di Natale.

“Our public sector has been privatised by stealth in recent years. Job cuts by successive governments have hollowed out government departments creating a stronger reliance on the big four consulting firms, all of which are big donors to the major parties.

“The Greens will restore public staffing levels, stop the funding squeeze and cap the use of private contractors. We will also ensure fair pay for public servants and enshrine the right to free political expression.

Greens candidate for the new seat of Canberra, Tim Hollo, said "The public service is at the heart of Canberra's generous, public-spirited community, and it plays an absolutely vital role in making Australia the nation it is.

“As long as Labor and the Liberals can take Canberra for granted, we will never see the kind of respect for the public service that our whole country needs. As a Greens MP for Canberra, I will always defend the public service and public servants, and be an advocate outside government for their rights."

Greens candidate for the ACT Senate, Dr Penny Kyburz, said "The way the APS has been treated by successive governments is not just damaging to our city, but to the whole country. We need a well-resourced, independent public service, and the ongoing staffing caps, outsourcing and decentralisation must end. The Greens will stand up for the APS with strong policy leadership, advocacy, and our hard work in Senate Estimates.”

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