Greens support careful re-opening of schools


The Greens have been very conscious of balancing health precautions - for both students and teachers, and the desire to return to face to face learning. We believe the staggered return seeks to strike this balance, and allows for all the practicalities and logistics issues to be addressed.

We believe in schools as communities and as vital community hubs, and that’s where the best care and education can take place.

The Education Directorate and its staff, teachers and learning assistants and administrative officers have all done an absolutely amazing job over the past month in rapidly designing and implementing an innovative new online curriculum under very trying times.  

The ACT Greens greatly value those frontline staff who have in many cases volunteered to ensure that our city’s children have been kept engaged and actively learning whenever possible. We also acknowledge the significant effort that many parents have put in over recent weeks, supporting their children’s education.

It would be great to capture the best of the remote learning approach that we have just been through, and continue to offer innovative modern teaching where it's been shown to benefit our children.