Have your say for better planning in the ACT


The ACT Greens are calling on the public to make submissions to the ACT’s planning review before 15th June. The final drop-in information session is 3 June.

“The Federal election sent a loud and clear signal. Australians want action on climate change. Now is our chance to legislate more robust sustainability and climate action goals into our planning process”, said Jo Clay MLA, ACT Greens spokesperson for planning.

“The ACT Government is reviewing our entire planning system. This is our chance to make sure Canberra’s planning system leads to sustainable, affordable, high-quality development. We have heard how important it is that we do this while also protecting our precious environment and informed by deep community consultation. It’s really important we get this right as it will shape Canberra for decades to come.

“The IPCC has told us it is urgent that established cities make smart choices about planning right now in order to act on climate. We need to protect - and keep connections between - precious habitat and we now need targeted infill development. We need trees and green spaces to avoid heat islands. We need good public and active transport corridors so everyone isn’t forced to drive everywhere. We need lower embedded emissions in our built environment. We need a climate resilient city. I’ve heard this repeatedly from the community and I’m really looking forward to going through the community comments in detail.

“We are also in a housing crisis. We need enough homes for people to live in. We can do this in a way that’s good for the climate and the environment if we make the right choices.

“I’ve heard that we need people-focussed development that has integrity. I’ve heard real concerns about this from members of the community, our local councils and at planning review information sessions. People need to trust that consultation is respectful, genuine, well-timed and well-informed. They need to trust that decisions benefit Canberrans now and into the future, not just developers. They need to know there are the right checks and balances on those decisions.

“There’s over 700 pages of legislation along with fact sheets and guides. It’s hard to engage with! There are a few ways to contribute - some easy ways and others that are more in depth – from commenting on particular sections, to writing a full submission. This is also just the first step – we expect this Exposure Draft to change based on what the Government hears. The Territory Plan will also be revised as part of this reform and there will be consultation on that too.

“I encourage all Canberrans to have their say on this key reform. Put your written comments in on the website before 15 June or attend the final drop-in information session at 12pm to 1.30pm on Friday 3 June.”