With an hour to go before Litter Bill debate concludes, Greens urge major parties to do the right thing and vote to protect Canberra’s vulnerable


The Greens have issued a last-minute plea to the major parties to vote to support vulnerable people in our community, before a debate on the Litter Act gets underway at approximately 4 pm today.

The Greens today put forward an amendment to establish a Hoarding Advisory Council that would develop a code of practice for responding to hoarding. The proposed Council would include people with experience or expertise in managing or treating mental health conditions, and people with an interest in urban land management, to develop Government policies to deal with the complex and sensitive issue of hoarding.

Without the backing of the major parties, not only will the Council not be supported, but people with hoarding issues will not be guaranteed support when they need it most.

“There’s still time left for the major parties to step in and do the right thing – to protect Canberra’s most vulnerable,” Greens MLA Caroline Le Couteur said today.

“To change behaviour, we need to deal with issues at their source – not the symptoms. The Council would be an important step forward in dealing with an issue like hoarding, that is complex, challenging and highly sensitive.

“The Greens will always act to ensure that we support those most vulnerable in our community.”

It comes as the Greens will today vote against the creation of an “aggravated littering” charge that will also disproportionately impact those most vulnerable in our community – a charge that both major parties support.

The Litter Legislation Amendment Bill 2019 represents a major overhaul of the Litter Act 2004. The Greens are supportive of the vast majority of the bill’s content.

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