Joint Communique: ACT Labor-Greens Parliamentary and Governing Agreement for the 10th Legislative Assembly for the Australian Capital Territory


All MLAs from ACT Labor and the ACT Greens have today signed a Parliamentary and Governing Agreement for the 10th Legislative Assembly, agreeing to work constructively and collaboratively to govern in the best interests of ACT residents.

Over the two previous terms, ACT Labor and the ACT Greens have demonstrated that we can work together in government to deliver the most progressive and reformist administration in Australia.

This new Agreement will further this work, as we look to address the major social, economic and environmental challenges our city will face over the next four years.  

Both parties will focus on the fundamental challenges and opportunities facing Canberra as we emerge from a global health and economic crisis. This includes:

  • sustainable economic development
  • protection and creation of secure local jobs
  • a healthy natural environment
  • closing the gap for First Nations people
  • a rapid transition to zero net emissions while protecting households
  • reducing inequality and poverty and providing dignified housing to more Canberrans
  • Governance with integrity and transparency

The Agreement will ensure a stable Territory Government in the ACT, that benefits from the distinct but collaborative approaches of two different political parties.

Right now, Canberrans need a strong and effective Government. This Agreement will ensure that the ACT Government remains focused on our collective priorities and is able to deliver the services and policies Canberrans expect from the Government they elected.

This Agreement reflects open, transparent and accountable government. The Canberra community will be able to clearly understand what we are working to achieve, how we plan to work together to meet these ambitious goals, and judge us on our performance through regular updates.

In particular, this Agreement demonstrates that ACT Labor and the ACT Greens recognise that climate change poses a real and immediate threat to our city. The ACT Government will continue building on our achievement of 100% renewable electricity by taking the next steps necessary to reduce our city’s greenhouse gas emissions, and show other jurisdictions what is possible to achieve in a short period of time, while supporting all Canberra households through the necessary transition.

Comments attributable to ACT Chief Minister and ACT Labor Leader Andrew Barr:

“The Parliamentary and Governing Agreement is a positive reflection of the shared values of both parties, and outlines the progressive platform we will deliver in the 10th ACT Legislative Assembly.

“Over the previous two terms of Government, ACT Labor and the ACT Greens have demonstrated a capacity to work together to deliver stable government. There is clear support in the community for this model, and both parties remain committed to it.

“Responding to the ongoing threat of COVID-19 and driving Canberra’s economic recovery will be our core focus. However, there were a range of other issues raised through the 2020 Election, and this experienced Government is in a position to make significant further progress responding to climate change and supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged Canberrans.

“I want to thank the ACT Greens for the positive negotiations that have taken place over the past two weeks.  We have a lot of shared priorities that we are looking forward to working on and Canberrans can expect a busy and productive term of Government.”

Comments attributable to ACT Greens leader Shane Rattenbury: 

“At a time of climate crisis, we know that the decisions we make today will have significant consequences for future generations of Canberrans. 

“This Agreement outlines a positive and important agenda for the next four years, and the Greens are optimistic about what this partnership between Labor and the Greens can achieve during this term of the Assembly.

“We are especially pleased that climate action, housing, reform to the planning system, and reducing harm from gaming feature strongly in this power-sharing Agreement.

“This is an ambitious agenda, and we look forward to working with both the Labor Party and the community and stakeholders to implement these plans as effectively as possible.”

ACT Labor and the ACT Greens will make public statements on progress of the Agreement on a 12 monthly basis over the term of the 10th Assembly.

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