Maintaining support to manage loose fill asbestos insulation


Residential properties identified as affected by loose fill asbestos insulation after the current buyback program closes on 17 August 2021, will be managed through a new voluntary buyback program.

Minister for Sustainable Building and Construction Rebecca Vassarotti said that the continuation of voluntary buyback measures through the new program means that homeowners of any residential properties identified as affected by loose fill asbestos insulation from 18 August 2021 will continue to be supported by the government in managing their properties. 

“The community can be confident that the ACT Government is committed to the long-term eradication and safe disposal of properties affected by loose fill asbestos insulation,” Minister Vassarotti said.

“Offering a voluntary buyback program similar to the existing program, that has been in place since 2014, commits to providing a fair and equitable response to homeowners of properties identified after 17 August 2021.

“The government’s Loose Fill Asbestos Insulation Eradication Scheme has identified 1046 properties as either affected or impacted, and supported the demolition of over 1000 of these from the Canberra community, over the last seven years.

“Since commencement of the Scheme, five additional affected properties have been identified. It is reasonable to assume that more affected properties may be identified in Canberra’s older suburbs after 17 August 2021 and continuation of the voluntary buyback measures provides certainty to the community and support to these homeowners.

“It is still important for tradespeople, homeowners and occupiers to stay vigilant. If you think your property may contain loose fill asbestos, do not touch or move the material. Call a licensed asbestos assessor to come out and inspect the property.” 

For a list of licensed asbestos assessors in the ACT, visit Access Canberra’s website.

The current buyback program will end on 17 August 2021. For more information about the management of newly identified properties from 18 August 2021, visit the Asbestos Response Taskforce website