ACT Gov calls for stronger feral horse action ahead of upcoming Environment Ministers Meeting


Today, Minister for the Environment Rebecca Vassarotti will call on neighbouring jurisdictions to take considered and direct action to address the impacts of feral horses on the environment.

In an executive motion put forward by Minister Vassarotti in the ACT Legislative Assembly, the Government will express renewed hopes to save the alps in the context of a refreshed NSW Government.

“We are in an extinction crisis. Ahead of the meeting of Environment Ministers on Friday, this motion reflects the urgent action that must be taken to protect our native wildlife,” Minister Vassarotti said.

“I would like to recognise the new Minister for the Environment for NSW and express my renewed hopes for a shared hope to save the alps.

“I look forward to progressing discussions and strategies that result in collaboration and action on this serious environmental issue.

While the ACT has taken significant steps to manage feral horse populations, other jurisdictions have been slower to act.

“The negative consequences of feral horses on our fragile alpine environment cannot be overstated. They can damage and destroy vegetation, compact and trample soil, and compete with native wildlife for vital resources like food and water.

“Feral horses can also contribute to the spread of invasive plants. and alter waterways, which in turn impact aquatic environments.

“These invasive species start to destroy the foundations of our natural ecosystems, contributing to the collapse of our environment.

“I look forward to constructive discussion with my NSW counterpart to ensure our jurisdictions work harmoniously to address this serious issue.”

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