The ACT Government has agreed to increase government investment in the construction and maintenance of the ACT’s path network and establish an accountability indicator for path quality. 

“Every Canberran benefits from having safe and well-maintained paths in our suburbs and our city,” said Jo Clay MLA, ACT Greens Spokesperson for Transport. 

“Whether you walk or ride daily, or pop to the shops once a year, or walk or roll from your car to your office, at some point you need a footpath or shared path. Our paths must be well maintained and be built wherever they are needed.” 

“I hear from residents all over Canberra about poor path maintenance. People fall, those in wheelchairs and with prams find them hard to use, and people avoid them. We need our suburbs to have a good, separated network with no missing links which makes walking, riding and rolling around our city fun and easy.” 

“Better paths save households and governments money. They provide community benefits, improve public health, reduce congestion and reduce climate emissions.” 

“I am pleased to see growing commitment to investing in safe active travel infrastructure by the ACT Government. I have made representations to Federal Parliamentarians already and I hope our combined representations to Federal Parliamentarians will see funding commitments by the Commonwealth to Canberra’s path network.” 

“I also welcome the ACT Government’s commitment to establishing an accountability indicator for our path network. While roads have had quality targets for a long time, we have not had any quality targets for our paths. We need these urgently.” 

“I look forward to seeing what the 23-24 ACT Budget contains for active transport and will continue to push the government to increase this dedicated active transport investment in subsequent budgets” said Jo Clay MLA.