ACT Greens call for action on live music


“Live music and events are an integral part of the life of our city, and essential for our increasingly vibrant and culturally diverse community,” said Mr Rattenbury.

“As more and more people are living in our city and town centres, music venues are under pressure from increasing complaints about noise from local residents.  The recent examples where daytime jazz music has been pushed out of the cultural precinct at New Acton, bring this issue into focus.

“In 2009, the ACT Greens instigated an Assembly inquiry into live community events. In 2015 there are still many opportunities to implement the recommendations of that inquiry to support live music and events in our community.

“Today I will be calling on the ACT Government to agree to develop a policy and actions to support live music and events. This work should include but not be limited to:

  • Identifying  and designating particular areas as entertainment zones to allow greater flexibility around noise levels;
  • Implementing the principle of “order of occupancy”, so that residents moving into areas with existing venues are not able to pressure venues to close;
  • Revising residential building codes in mixed use zones to require acoustic insulation; and
  • Reviewing the impact of the Liquor Act on small venues and music events.

“Like many Canberrans I know that live music is a key part of the cultural life of our city. Canberra needs places and spaces for live music to flourish, and for these places to be protected as our city grows and changes.

Statement ends