The ACT Greens have joined with Conservation Council ACT and the friends of Callum Brae in calling for greater scrutiny into a proposed crematorium slated for development next door to Callum Brae Nature Reserve. 

“The proposed development would see the removal of mature native trees, fragmentation of habitat and the use of fossil gas for the crematoria.

“In the past three years, the ACT doubled our capacity for crematoria services. This proposal is for a third right next door to Callum Brae and there’s a fourth planned for Southern Memorial Park. I do wonder whether this development is even required, let alone the environmental impact of developing this site,” said Jo Clay, ACT Greens Spokesperson for Parks and Conservation.

“The proposed development will include several buildings, access roads and carparks that would see the clearing of a third of a hectare of Commonwealth and ACT-listed critically endangered Box-Gum Woodland and potentially impact a valuable wildlife corridor for threatened and declining woodland birds,” said Ms Clay.

Quotes attributed to Pamela Collett, Friends of Callum Brae

“The proposed removal of seven mature native trees is unacceptable. Callum Brae Nature Reserve and the adjoining area of the crematorium complex protects mature native trees, some estimated to be between 200-300 years old, which include nesting sites for endangered Gang Gang cockatoos. The only known breeding sites for the small ant blue butterfly are in the Reserve as well as in the area of the proposed crematorium complex,” said Ms Collett. 

“We already have 2 crematoria in the north with a third for Hume. The current crematoria in the north of Canberra are currently operating at 18% capacity.”

“Protecting the site will allow for the protection of biodiversity, including critically endangered ecosystems home to threatened flora and fauna, to maintain connectivity with the Mount Mugga Mugga and other Nature Reserves and for the enjoyment of visitors to the Reserve for future generations.”

Quotes attributed to Elle Lawless, Executive Director Conservation Council ACT Region

“The impact of greenhouse gas emissions has not been considered in the development application. There should be an investigation into the likely amount of greenhouse gas emissions. Have they conducted an Environmental Impact Statement and submitted a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Statement?” said Ms Lawless. 

“The ACT Government has committed to net-zero emissions by 2045 including phasing out fossil gas. It is unacceptable to consider approving a development utilising fossil gas in the face of the climate emergency and the Government’s own policy.”

Ms Clay is sponsoring a petition put forward by Friends of Callum Brae calling for greater scrutiny on the proposed development. To sign the petition visit: