ACT Greens reaffirm calls for community views to be respected in Curtin Shops development


“It is clear that what has been submitted in the development application at Curtin is highly inconsistent with the draft Master Plan,” said Ms Le Couteur. “Rather than respond to the concerns of local communities, we’ve seen the developers threaten to shut down their business should they not get their way. This coercive and ham-fisted approach isn’t in step with the local community, who love their local shops, but want to have a centre that will continue to serve their needs into the future.”

“Today we acknowledge the near 2,000 local residents who have again called for their views, in line with earlier consultations, to be respected in line with the draft Master Plan in Curtin,” Ms Le Couteur said.           

“Where the community has participated in good faith in community consultation measures, as we have seen so emphatically on this issue, it is reasonable for the community to expect that planning decisions will be consistent with community expectations.”

Today Ms Le Couteur will lodge a petition in the Legislative Assembly, noting the almost 2,000 residents – more than 1 in 4 Curtin adult locals – who have demonstrated strong support for the Master Planning process.

“While the Greens support urban infill in Curtin, this proposal will need go back to the drawing board to protect the much loved character of the square, and ensure a more sustainable design that will provide a community-friendly space for years to come.”

“As a member of a party that puts our community first, I am proud to stand with the residents of Curtin, Woden, the Inner-South, Weston Creek and Molonglo to ensure that what is iterated in the draft Master Plan is reflected in reality, in line with community views,” Ms Le Couteur added.