Arboretum to host a place of reflection for Mr Fluffy legacy


A forest shelter at the National Arboretum will become a place of reflection to remember the impact of Mr Fluffy loose fill asbestos insulation on many thousands of Canberrans.

Minister for Sustainable Building and Construction Rebecca Vassarotti said it was important to acknowledge the enormous impact of loose fill asbestos insulation has had on our city and asked Canberrans to help shape the information they would like to be shared from the place of reflection.

“A place of reflection was recommended by the former Mr Fluffy Community and Expert Reference Group as an important component of the healing process for Canberrans impacted by Mr Fluffy loose fill asbestos insulation, either directly or indirectly,” Minister Vassarotti said.

“The location of the place of reflection at one of the Arboretum’s forest shelters means visitors will be able to sit and reflect on their own or others’ experiences with this dangerous material as they look over our city. If visitors would like more information, they will be able to use a QR code to access online information.

“We are asking the Canberra community to tell us what kind of information they would like to see about Mr Fluffy loose fill asbestos insulation that sensitively captures its legacy and is appropriate both for those impacted and those reading about loose fill asbestos insulation products in future.

“While the views of owners of homes affected by loose fill asbestos insulation are paramount, we recognise that the presence of loose fill asbestos touched many others across the ACT who lived or worked in an affected property, or whose streets and neighbourhoods were changed forever by the actions taken to eradicate this dangerous substance. We also value their feedback.

“We also hope the shelter will raise awareness about the impact dangerous substances can have on communities.”

The site for the forest shelter at the Arboretum will be selected by the Legacy Project Working Group (formerly Community and Expert Reference Group), factoring in issues such as accessibility, the vista view from the site and foot traffic around the site.

The shelter is expected to be open to the public by June 2023.

Quotes attributable to Dr Sue Packer, former Chair of the Mr Fluffy Community and Expert Reference Group:

“This place of reflection is just one of several legacy projects to acknowledge the devastating effects loose fill asbestos insulation had on more than 1000 homes and families across our city. The committee felt a place of reflection is important both to help with the healing for those impacted by Mr Fluffy who wish to use it this way, and as an educational opportunity to raise awareness among the broader Canberra community and interstate and international visitors so we can all be vigilant in the future.”

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