Australian first partnership helps Canberrans make their next choice electric


The ACT Government and CHOICE have collaborated to create a new free online tool to make it easier for Canberrans to start thinking about transitioning their household to all-electric.

Minister for Water, Energy and Emissions Reduction, Shane Rattenbury said the ACT Government is planning for an all-electric future and is excited to partner with CHOICE on this nation-leading project.

“The ACT government has partnered with CHOICE in an Australian first collaboration to offer the ‘make your next choice electric’ tool to Canberrans. This tool provides Canberrans with access to free, independent advice from CHOICE, which usually sits behind a paywall, to help households choose the best energy efficient options to replace old or broken gas appliances.

“The tool only takes 10 minutes and tailors advice to each households needs and budget. It also provides an upfront estimate of how much you can save on energy bills if you change to all electric.” Minister Rattenbury said.

The make your next choice electric’ tool will:

  • help users identify when appliances in their home will need to be updated
  • showcase the latest energy efficient electric appliances on the market that are best suited to individual needs
  • provide cost estimates for upgrades
  • provide estimates for cost and emissions savings as a result of upgrades

“The ACT is phasing out fossil-fuel gas, and electrifying Canberra by 2045, as part of its commitment to addressing climate change, and protecting ACT energy consumers,” said Minister Rattenbury.

“An average household of four people, who live in a typical medium-sized Canberra home built before 1996 with all gas appliances, could save over $2,500 a year in energy bills if they transition to efficient electric appliances.

“We recognise that there is an upfront cost to transitioning. The tool will help Canberrans plan when they intend to replace appliances, identify the right appliances for their needs, and help them identify saving benefits as a result of their changes.

“Over the next 20 years, we are asking Canberrans to make their next choice electric. These steps do not all need to be taken at once, and there is no immediate rush – consumers can replace appliances at a time that is right for them.”

To try out the new ‘make your next choice electric’ tool and find out more about the government’s pathway to electrification, visit the Everyday Climate Choices website.

Quotes attributable to Alan Kirkland, Chief Executive Office at CHOICE:

“We are pleased to support the ACT Government’s ‘make your next choice electric’ tool because it aligns with our goal of helping consumers who want to make more sustainable choices.

“For over 60 years, we have been helping people choose the best products for their needs. When it comes to choosing the best appliance for home heating, hot water and cooking, electric appliances are almost always a better choice. Besides having less impact on the environment, they are usually cheaper over the long term and come without the health risks that arise from burning gas indoors.”

“This tool developed by the ACT Government cuts through the complexity to provide people with a simple set of prioritised steps they can take to save money and reduce their environmental impact.

“We’re pleased to support it by recommending appliances that have performed well in CHOICE’s tests at a range of prices.”