A better building and construction system


Today, the ACT Government will introduce the Building and Construction Legislation Amendment Bill 2023 which aims to improve the effectiveness of the ACT’s building regulatory system. 

Minister for Sustainable Building and Construction Rebecca Vassarotti said the amendments in the Bill will make sure the building and construction regulatory system remains effective, fit for purpose and responsive to expectations of Canberrans. 

“The ACT Government is committed to improving the ACT’s regulatory system to respond to new and emerging issues in the industry, and deliver on the expectations of the ACT community,” Minister Vassarotti said. 

The Bill introduces new: 

  • Regulation  to ensure that  medical gas systems are safely installed, tested and maintained. licensing requirements in relation to distributed energy resources installations. 
  • Regulatory powers in relation to electrical installations that are a source of danger or becoming dangerous. 
  • Requirements when reconnecting electrical installations that have sat idle for 6 months or longer. 
  • Security of payments requirements for contractors to harmonise ACT with NSW and ensure contractors are fairly and promptly paid. 

“I am pleased to bring forward these important reforms particularly for the regulation of medical gas systems to protect our community in our health facilities.  

“These reforms will make sure medical gas systems are installed correctly to avoid serious incidents and bring the ACT in line with other jurisdictions. 

 “The Bill also contains amendments which will allow for better regulation of electrical work on renewable energy systems and make sure that people working on installations, such as rooftop solar, have the appropriate skills and training. 

“An effective regulatory system is critical to the sustainability of the building and construction industry. 

“As Canberra continues to electrify, we will begin to see a rise in the demand on plumbers and electricians. This bill ensures the Government takes the right steps to respond to this demand. 

“These amendments will provide clarity around building and construction processes and increase safety through stronger oversight and regulation of building, electrical, gas fitting and plumbing work. 

“This bill also addresses a discrepancy that saw trading contractors having to wait longer for payment than their counterparts in NSW. We want to see contractors able to be seek and be paid promptly and not be left with unpaid debt. This is particularly important at a time where we have seen some builder and developer businesses experiencing financial difficulties.  

“This is a part of the ACT Government’s commitment to building reform to support Canberrans having greater choice and protection from poor building quality and to address unsafe practices in the industry,” said Minister Vassarotti. 

The ACT Government reports annually on the progress of reforms to the ACT’s building regulatory system. For more information about the work the ACT Government is doing for building reform visit the Build Buy Renovate website