Bill to remove legal discrimination for gender diverse Canberrans


“The ACT Greens are really pleased to see this legislation today which came about after the issue was referred to an inquiry into legal recognition for people who do not fit into the standard categories for sex and gender.” Mr Rattenbury said

The inquiry was conducted by the ACT Law Reform Advisory Council (LRAC), which produced the 2012 report “Beyond the Binary”. One of the key recommendations of the report was the proposal to abolish the requirement for a person to undergo surgery to change their registered legal sex on their birth certificate.

The Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Amendment Bill 2013 will implement this change, provide a clear process for intersex people to change the sex on their birth certificate, and brings the legal definition of ‘intersex’ in line with the Commonwealth Sex Discrimination Act.

“These changes are the most significant reforms that Australia has seen in ending legal discrimination against transgender and intersex people. They are another example of how the ACT is leading the way in human rights for the LGBTI community.” Mr Rattenbury said

At the moment many gender diverse people are in the situation of having birth certificates which show their sex as different from the way they identify. This has left many people without a clear legal mechanism to amend errors made in the recording of their sex at birth.

“I look forward to debating and passing the Bill in the Assembly next year. The ACT community cares about equality and fairness, we care about people’s human rights, and that what this Bill is about. These reforms will ensure that gender diverse Canberrans are treated with dignity before the law,” said Mr Rattenbury.

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