Today ACT Greens MLA Jo Clay has introduced a bill to help defend Canberra’s renters against the housing crisis, by putting a two-year freeze on rent increases  and imposing strict limits on rent increases in the long term. 

“It’s about time renters got a fair go in the ACT. For too long the returns of property investors have been prioritised by the government over the right of all Canberrans to a home,” said Jo Clay MLA.

“With the balance of power in the Legislative Assembly, the Greens have already helped to deliver nation-leading renters' rights, under the leadership of Attorney General Shane Rattenbury.

“The housing market is cooked. More than 30 percent of Canberrans rent, and many are struggling to pay the rent week to week. They face terrible uncertainty. Many are worried and they can’t   afford to pay.

“For the average Canberran, less than one percent of rentals on the market are affordable.

“In the current inequality crisis, we must now take the next step and recognise the unequal burden of the ‘cost of living’ on renters.”

The Greens’ bill will introduce a two-year freeze on rent increases, impose a two percent limit on increases after those two years, and close loopholes that currently allow landlords to lift rents higher than this limit.

“If the Liberals and Labor are genuine about wanting to tackle the inequality crisis and relieve cost of living pressures, addressing the spiralling cost of rent is an essential step,” Ms Clay said.

"The time for talk is over, we need real action.”