This is a climate emergency, and Canberra can lead emergency action


The record-breaking heatwave that Canberrans struggled through this week is only the latest sign that we are headed into a climate emergency, and it is time this year to elect MPs who will mobilise emergency action, the Greens said today.

Greens candidate for the new, winnable seat of Canberra, Tim Hollo, said "As so many of us have been struggling to sleep and work in this extreme heat, and as we see ancient forests burning and river systems drying out, I keep hearing people say 'bring on the election'.

"This election will be a referendum on climate action, and the climate emergency is the main reason I'm running for Parliament. The new seat of Canberra can play a pivotal role in the direction of Australian politics on climate change by electing a Greens MP.

"Clearly, we're on track to kick the Liberal climate vandals out of government. But changing the government is not enough.

"Labor has come a fair way on climate in recent years, but Bill Shorten is still sitting on the fence on the Adani coal mine and the future of energy in Australia. With only a handful of years left to tackle the climate emergency, we need a strong crossbench to pull the future Shorten Government in the right direction.

"As the crossbench Greens MP for Canberra, I would use my role in Parliament to prioritise:

  • Powering Australia on 100% renewable electricity and phasing out all coal and gas by 2030, including stopping the Adani mine;
  • Providing federal funding for more electric public transport in our growing cities; and
  • Creating a publicly-owned renewable energy company to provide clean, reliable, affordable power.

"The new seat of Canberra is one of the best opportunities in the country to elect a Green cross-bencher who will make climate action a top priority, and who will negotiate with determination and good faith to get the strongest possible action.

"In this and future heatwaves, I encourage all Canberrans to stay hydrated, check on your relatives, take care of your pets and local wildlife, and commit to voting for climate emergency action at the upcoming election."

Tim Hollo comes to this campaign as a 20 year veteran of climate action campaigns, with Greenpeace, 350, the Greens, local community groups, and the NGO he founded, Green Music Australia. He has researched and written extensively on the issue. He released a single last year with his band, FourPlay String Quartet, inspired by his daughter telling him that she wished she had been born before climate change began.