Drumgold v Board of Inquiry outcome


On Monday 4 March 2024, the ACT Supreme Court handed down its decision in the matter of Drumgold v Board of Inquiry.

Mr Drumgold was successful in part in his challenge to the Board of Inquiry report.

The Court’s decision yesterday was that the Board’s adverse findings in relation to Mr Drumgold were infected by a perception of bias arising from private communications between the Board of Inquiry and Ms Albrechtsen.

The Court has ordered the Territory to pay Mr Drumgold’s costs.

The other findings made by the Board of Inquiry, including those in relation to ACT Policing and the Victim of Crimes Commissioner, are not altered by this decision.

The recommendations from the Board of Inquiry are not impacted by this decision.

Those recommendations offer a practical and pragmatic way forward for the ACT criminal justice system.

This decision has no bearing on the settlement reached with Senator Linda Reynolds last week in relation to defamation proceedings commenced by her.

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