Grassroots climate action takes centre stage with local community funding


$155,000 will be granted across six projects to deliver solutions that address climate change under the Community Zero Emissions Grants program.

Minister for Water, Energy, and Emissions Reduction Shane Rattenbury said the program is now in its sixth year and is an important way to engage different parts of the community and to foster local climate change solutions.

“We are in a climate crisis. Responding to this crisis requires action at all levels, and these grassroots grant-funded projects have the potential to reach a broad cross section of our community,” Minister Rattenbury said.

“The ACT Government is committed to climate change action through its key policies of: net zero emissions by 2045; transitioning to an all-electric city; and phasing out fossil-fuel vehicles. The community has a key role to play in all of these policies.

“Apart from reducing greenhouse gas emissions, many of the funded projects also help build our city’s resilience to climate change. For example, the projects addressing organic food waste will also help to enhance  localised food production and foster community connections. Asthma Australia’s Airsmart program will help Canberrans adapt to a future increasingly impacted by climate change.

“I look forward to seeing these successful projects  inspire Canberrans to take climate action and engage in their local communities.  ”

The successful applicants for round six of the grants are:

  • Canberra Environment Centre: $49,798.88 – Adapt for Climate Toolkit 2.0
  • Asthma Australia Limited: $39,500 – ACT AirSmart Program
  • St Clare's College: $20,000 – Paddock-to-Plate Garden
  • Canberra City Farm: $8,020 – CCF Composting Shredder
  • Australian National University: $22,280.24 – Worms Against Waste
  • The Food Co-operative Shop: $15,620.71 – Zero Emissions Kitchen

For more information on the Community Zero Emissions grants program, visit the Everyday Climate Choices website.

Quotes attributable to Alison Plevey, leader of the Australian Dance Party (previous grant recipient):

“The Australian Dance Party has strong social and environmental values. The grant enabled us to work on a subject that we are truly passionate about – climate action – in a fun and creative way.

“We used the grant funding to create seven ad-style videos which communicated to audiences small and achievable ways they can 'Move to Zero'.

“We received over 100,000 views of the films and surveyed some viewers. On average they reported that, since viewing the videos, they were thinking about their behaviours more often and trying to choose more sustainable ones.

“Sharing climate action messages through a variety of mediums can help bring people from all walks of life on the journey towards net-zero.”