Greens tell Labor – light rail can and must be built faster


On the 5th anniversary of the commencement of Canberra’s light rail, the ACT Greens say Canberrans are right to feel let down by Labor, and they’ll work to cut the additional 9-year wait for Stage 2 to Woden.

“The Greens are so pleased to celebrate what an overwhelming success light rail has been in Canberra over the past five years. Now Canberrans want us to get on with extending the line,” said Jo Clay, ACT Greens spokesperson for Transport.

“ACT Labor say they can’t deliver Light Rail to Woden before 2033, but the Greens won’t just sit back and accept that.

“Other cities, like the Gold Coast, have shown it's possible to deliver light rail faster. We all face the same labour and supply challenges, and we are all operating in the same national infrastructure market.

“The Greens envisage a light rail network, not just a shuttle line. If we want our kids to be able to use it throughout their life, we need continual construction.

“Let’s start building Commonwealth Park to Woden during the construction, testing and commissioning of Stage 2A. There’s no reason we need to wait until 2028 or later to start building Stage 2B.

“Stop-start works and a lack of priority given to this project by Labor is delaying major improvements in the way locals and visitors experience this city.

“Transport accounts for a huge chunk of the ACT’s emissions and giving more people the option to take light rail is one key way to help reduce this.

"Canberrans love the high-quality, zero-emissions transport they’ve experienced over the past five years on light rail to Gungahlin. We can’t and won’t wait to share the love of light rail with Canberra’s south.”