Independent and scientific review endorses effectiveness of Kangaroo Management Plan


Today the ACT Government has released an independent review into the Eastern Grey Kangaroo Management Plan which praised the effectiveness and animal welfare standards of the government’s program as ‘extremely impressive’. 

Minister for the Environment, Parks and Land Management, Rebecca Vassarotti, said the review was a strong endorsement of a program which gets the balance right, protecting our natural ecosystems while prioritising animal welfare. 

“A good Kangaroo Management Program is a program that undertakes the best animal welfare standards, while making sure we manage the impact of species on the precarious balance of our natural ecosystem. 

“While it can be very confronting, if we don’t control species that are negatively impacting our natural environment, then we would very likely see the decline and possible extinction of our native grassland ecosystems. 

“Under legislation, the Conservator is required to undertake an internal review of Controlled Native Species Management Plans every five years. We decided to go one step further by making the review fully independent and available to the public. 

“This review was undertaken independently by Professor Sarah Legge, so that we could assure the public of the efficacy and evidence -base for the Eastern Grey Kangaroo Management Program. 

“Notably, the review found the government’s approach to kangaroo management ‘extremely impressive’.  

“The Government has always used evidence to direct the Eastern Grey Kangaroo Management Plan, and this external review provides the public even more assurance that our animal welfare and conservation methods reflect the best possible practice. 
“As part of the review, Professor Legge met with stakeholders from across the Canberra region, including rural landholders, wildlife carers, animal welfare groups and conservation groups, to ensure that all perspectives were considered and appropriately heard. 

“I have always been clear, that the Eastern Grey Kangaroo Management Plan is not a set and forget program. This review makes 34 recommendations which will further strengthen the program with new scientific evidence.  

“Some of these recommendations have already been addressed in this year’s program, including increasing the involvement of ACT Government veterinarians in the program and updating communication materials to provide even more clarity for the community. 

“Consultation with the Ngunnawal community is also ongoing with the aim to better understand Ngunnawal perspectives on kangaroo management in the ACT and ensure the new plan incorporates community values and aspirations. 

“The recommendations will be considered when developing a new Controlled Native Species Management Plan, which will be shared with the community for consultation in early 2025./” 

The independent review of the 2017 Controlled Native Species Management Plan for Eastern Grey Kangaroos and more information about the Kangaroo Management Program is available on the ACT Environment website.