New ACT Architect Board to continue the work of building better homes for Canberra


Five board members have been appointed to the ACT Architects Board, responsible for ensuring registered architects are providing services to the ACT community in a professional and competent manner.  

The new panel comprises two new members along with three seasoned and returning members. 

Minister for Sustainable Building and Construction Rebecca Vassarotti said the newly appointed board members bring a wealth of experience and knowledge that will support the Government to ensure registered architects are providing effective, competent, and quality services to the public. 

“Canberrans are demanding accountability for the standard of homes being built in the ACT. The re-appointment of this board reflects my commitment to ensuring the ACT has the right checks and balances, which protect the interests our community,” Minister Vassarotti said. 

“We need to ensure Canberrans have access to quality homes and that the interests of the community are protected. 

“Trust in the people that design and deliver our homes is critical in delivering this vision. 

The ACT Architects Board is responsible for registering architects in the ACT, as well as investigating complaints of breaches of the Architects Act 2004. 

“We received many applications from a wide range of talented people that reflected the breadth of public interest in representing our diverse and inclusive community on the board. 

“All of the board members I am appointing today bring extensive skills and knowledge to their roles, with experience in a range of areas including architecture, housing, law and governance, social research and community engagement. 

“I’m confident that the new board members will perform their functions to the high standard of care and excellence that the Canberra community expects. 

The ACT Architect Board members for 2023-26 are: 

Re-appointed members: 

  • Dr Melinda Dodson, representative body member nominated by the Australian Institute of Architects ACT Chapter 

  • Ms Erin Hinton, academic architect 

  • Mr Scott Hodgson, registered architect 

New members: 

  • Ms Amy Ward, commercial lawyer 

  • Ms Jane Seaborn, community interests representative 

The term of each board member will conclude on 17 August 2026.  

For more information on the ACT Architects Board, visit the Build, Buy, Renovate website