New territory plan centres climate action and quality homes


The ACT Greens say nation-leading design guidelines now attached to the new Territory Plan will deliver a more beautiful, liveable, sustainable ACT for people, biodiversity and heritage. 
“The ACT Greens know we can and must develop a home for all: for all the people in our community who need a place to live, for the plants and animals that we love in the Bush Capital, and for the natural and cultural heritage that tells the story of these unceded lands,” said Rebecca Vassarotti, Greens MLA for Kurrajong. 
“It’s about time Canberra is developed in the interests of people who live here. This new process lifts the bar and challenges developers to meet the government’s higher expectations.” 
The ACT Greens have helped bring about substantial improvements to the updated Territory Plan and stand ready to drive even more impactful change. 
“As the Minister for Sustainable Building and Construction, Minister for the Environment and Minister for Heritage, I’ve been involved in honing this plan and I’m proud of the way we’ve embedded so many big goals into the new expectations we place on developers,” Ms Vassarotti said. 
“The Greens have been adamant in our discussions with Labor that the community should have six weeks to see this plan before it is debated in the ACT Legislative Assembly. I encourage anyone who’s interested in how our city is shaping up to take a look and share any points of interest with your local Greens MLA. 
“Ending new gas connections, requiring charging points for electric vehicles, saving and planting more trees on every development site – all of these Greens policies are set down in the new Territory Plan to make Canberra an even better place to live as our city grows. 
“Developers can’t be allowed to make a quick buck at our expense. The new system is all about making sure developments contribute positively to our community, delivering more shade and shelter as the climate heats up, more homes in central locations that are connected to transport and services, and more homes that are accessible for people with disability and range in size for different groupings of family or friends. 
“We know this is a new approach, so enforcement and compliance will be important in actually delivering the intended outcomes. The Greens will be watching closely to ensure that the improvements promised by this new Territory Plan are in fact what the community experiences as Canberra develops. 
“We need more homes in Canberra, and we can deliver them without pitting housing density against the environment or heritage. The new design standards and Territory Plan aim to do just that and we’re very hopeful they’ll deliver.”