Spit Hoods leave the Neighbourhood


ACT Greens Police spokesperson Andrew Braddock MLA for Yerrabi has welcomed today’s decision by the Australian Federal Police to discontinue the use of spit hoods. 

“The ACT Police have acknowledged that spit hoods are ineffective in protecting against transmissible diseases, and therefore there is no justification for the use of these devices, which have proved dangerous and are implicated in the deaths of vulnerable people” stated Andrew Braddock MLA. “Our justice system works better when it treats people with dignity.”  

“I also welcome the AFP providing equipment and implementing procedures to better protect members from spitting and biting, as no one deserves to be spat on at work. The ACT will now join other Australian jurisdictions in ending the use of spit hoods and providing these alternative protections.” 

"It’s now important to ensure any response in relation to blood testing is based on expert medical advice as to the level of actual risk of transmission.” 


  • A spit hood is a bag constructed out of mesh that is placed over the head of a detainee to stop them from spitting or biting, with the aim of preventing injury to or infection of the police officer. 
  • Mr Braddock has previously raised concerns in August, September and November of 2022 about ACT policing’s use of spit hoods. 
  • On 14 April 2023, the Australian Federal Police produced a media statement stating that they have stopped using spit hoods and are providing equipment and implementing procedures to better protect police officers from spitting and biting. This followed a review into the use of spit hoods by ACT Police.