Despite ACT Labor’s opposition to the push, the ACT Greens will this week table legislation to ban fossil fuel advertising in sport.

“The ACT needs to be an activist government when it comes to taking action on climate change. Labor is being timid at a time when the urgency of the crisis requires us to be bold,” said Jo Clay, MLA for Ginninderra and Greens spokesperson on the circular economy. “This proposal sparks the kinds of conversations we need to have. How much longer are we going to let these companies that fuel climate change use our favourite sports to buy social licence and keep profiting off boiling the planet?” Ms Clay said.

“Stopping fossil fuels begins with stopping fossil fuel ads,” said Belinda Noble, Founder of Comms Declare.  “We cannot meet our net zero goals while allowing rampant and unregulated promotions of the companies that are undermining our clean energy transition.

“Fifteen councils in Australia and capital cities around the world including Sydney, Amsterdam and Stockholm have already voted for fossil fuel advertising restrictions and being the first state-level jurisdiction to act will further cement the ACT's status as a global clean energy leader,” said Ms Noble.

In December Ms Clay circulated a discussion paper and draft legislation, to seek community views on banning fossil fuel advertising in key sporting venues like the AIS, GIO Stadium, Manuka Oval and the Canberra Tennis Centre. This is part of the national campaigns run by Climate Council and FrontRunners to remove fossil fuel sponsorship from sports.

“I've been delighted to see so much positive feedback and detailed consideration of the proposal. From activists pushing for this, to climate scientists, to athletes, sports groups and many more. It’s clearly time to take action.”