One more misogynist off the airwaves: Good, say ACT Greens


The ACT Greens have today welcomed the resignation of radio broadcaster Alan Jones.

“Farewell Alan. On behalf of Canberrans and women everywhere, we won’t miss your appalling, misogynist views on the airwaves,” Greens spokesperson for Women Caroline Le Couteur said today.

The Greens recently supported a community petition to ensure that Transport Canberra immediately remove from bus advertising all advertisements promoting people who make sexist public comments, including Alan Jones – and ensure that promotion of people who make sexist public comments is added to the bans in the Transport Canberra advertising guidelines At the time, Ms Le Couteur said Mr Jones’ views were often “harmful,” and that “we don’t want to see people who make sexist public comments promoted in our public space.”

Ms Le Couteur had called on the ACT Government to stop “profiting from Alan Jones’ blatantly sexist, misogynistic dog-whistling.” The petition was not supported by the ACT Government.