Response to the Equine Welfare Report


Response to Equine Welfare Report by Jo Clay MLA, ACT Greens spokesperson for Animal Welfare

“I welcome the report but note that it is an in-house industry review conducted on industry policies, procedures and functions, rather than an independent investigation of practices on the ground.  There are a number of promising recommendations in the report, for instance measures to trace horses throughout their lives and ensure their health and welfare is inspected and cared for. I welcome the recommendation to require adequate care to horses that have been retired, and clearer injury reporting. Myself, along with the ACT Greens value animals as sentient beings who deserve to be free from direct and indirect harm, and any measure to improve the lives of these horses is welcome.” 

“We’ve suggested that the industry discuss their report with the community and animal welfare stakeholders including the RSPCA. We will be discussing this industry review with the community and Thoroughbred Park, and will then consider the best way to achieve the best possible futures for retired thoroughbreds.” 

“The Greens want animals to be able to enjoy their lives, and to be cared for and treated with kindness. We are opposed to the cruel and inhumane use of animals for sport, recreation and entertainment. The ban on greyhound racing in the ACT was a big win for animal welfare, and the Greens are committed to maintaining this ban in the ACT. Given the impacts of this sport on horses, the ACT Greens continue to advocate for a national Royal Commission into cruelty and abuse in horse racing.”