Share our excitement about building a circular economy


There’s now a wide recognition that human beings are living unsustainably on this planet of ours, with its finite space and resources. Plastic is accumulating in the vast rafts in our oceans, metals like copper and platinum are becoming scarcer and more difficult to extract, and in the ACT alone, our landfills release 60,000 tonnes of CO2e each year.

The ACT Greens want Canberra to do its part in creating a healthy, waste free future, and we see this as creating an opportunity, not simply solving a problem. We’ve just released an exciting set of initiatives that will take us towards this goal.

By banning certain single use plastics, diverting organic waste from landfill, shifting to a zero emissions waste fleet, promoting the right to repair, amongst other things, we’ll not only reduce our waste but help to build the circular economy that is so vital for the planet’s health.

If you want to know more about our sustainable vision and how you can fit into it, click here: