Thank You Richard Di Natale


Today we thank Senator Richard Di Natale for his wonderful contribution as Australian Greens leader.

We all come to play a role in the Greens for similar reasons – to fight for a future that sees governments care for people and look after the environment, and to hold other parties to account.

There’s no doubt that being in leadership can take a toll on friends and family. With his young boys growing up fast, it’s understandable that Richard would want to spend more time with his kids at this time in their lives.

With Richard at the helm, The Australian Greens movement have gone from strength to strength.

We’ve seen here in the ACT just how much his hard work and passionate advocacy has brought to our movement.

Drawing from his time as a GP, Richard has been a breath of fresh air in putting common-sense health and drug policies on the national agenda.

The Greens put the climate crisis on the agenda at the last Federal election, and this is just the beginning. Every election is now a climate change election.

It’s also been great having another sports fan to swap notes with!

To Richard and family – on behalf of the ACT Greens, we wish you all the very best, including more time with the kids, and more time at the surf.