Two party politics in Australia is over


The ACT Greens have today welcomed the 2022 Federal Election result. While the final results are still unknown, the Greens look set to have the sole balance of power in the Senate, win at least two more seats in the House of Representatives, and have entered the two party preferred count in many more seats, including Canberra.

In the ACT, The Green vote has gone up in every lower house seat in the ACT and we have pushed the Liberals into third position in the seat of Canberra, and in a swag of booths in Fenner and Bean. 

The Greens vote nationally has grown hugely, with approximately 2 million people voting Greens. Not only did voters desert the Coalition, but there was a further swing against Labor, taking the major party vote to a new historic low. 

Greens candidate for Canberra, Tim Hollo, repeating his words to Greens members and supporters on Saturday night, said “The two party system in Australia is over.”

Mr Hollo has congratulated Alicia Payne on retaining the seat of Canberra and thanked the over 1000 volunteers who were involved in the ACT Greens campaign for their amazing effort, delivering swings with a tenth of the financial resources of the Liberal, Labor and Independent campaigns.

“I’ve also already been in touch with sitting Greens Senators to discuss moving forward with my proposals to ban corporate political donations and reform the National Capital Authority. I know these ideas and others will be in the mix alongside stopping all new coal and gas, raising the rate of income support, and introducing a Federal ICAC.”

“What’s clear from the huge Greens and Independent crossbench, and the fact that the combined major party vote has crashed to below 70%, is that the tired two party system is over. People want different voices at the table, and they have responded incredibly positively to the Greens proposals, not only to protect our environment but also to clean up politics and to share this country’s wealth fairly.”

“The Australian people saw through the fear mongering about minority government and voted in record numbers for the Greens and for those independents who were also pushing for climate action and integrity.”

“After a lost decade, we now have the chance to make serious change. The Greens will be working our hardest for climate targets in line with the science, that meet our Paris commitment and don’t spell the end of the Great Barrier Reef. We will also seek to tackle the cost of living by getting dental and mental health into Medicare, fixing the housing affordability crisis and wiping student debt.”

"I'm proud we lived our values through this campaign, looking after each other and our volunteers, reducing waste, and leading conversations about big ideas for change."

Quotes attributable to ACT Greens leader Shane Rattenbury 

“This is a great result for the Greens federally with increased representation in both Houses of Parliament. A huge number of Australians have moved away from the two major parties and have sent a clear message that they want strong action on climate change and more integrity in politics,” said Mr Rattenbury. 

“Having the Greens and Independents in the balance of power will ensure more voices are heard in Parliament and is a great opportunity to work together to get good outcomes for the community. 

“Here in the ACT the Greens have held the balance of power since 2008. We have shown it can work well and I encourage the Federal Labor party to work with the Greens federally. 

“With Greens in a strong position to negotiate and collaborate with Labor federally, I am hopeful our Greens Ministers here in the ACT Government will be able to achieve even more.

“I hope to see much stronger national action on climate under this Government. In particular I would like to see strong national policy for electric vehicles and higher fuel efficiency standards for vehicles. 

“I will also be pushing to restore territory rights in order for the ACT to consider voluntary assisted dying, seeking to have the territory’s historical housing debt wiped and ensuring support for light rail stage two. 

“I look forward to working with my federal colleagues towards a cleaner, fairer and brighter future for Australia,” said Mr Rattenbury.