“A vote for the conservatives is a vote for animal cruelty”: ACT Greens


The ACT Greens have today expressed dismay at the Belco Party’s reported commitment to bring back greyhound racing to the ACT - mere hours after pledging to publicly shame those committing acts of animal cruelty to a public register.

Bill Stefaniak of the Belco Party is reported today to have confirmed to local news outlets his Party’s support for reversing the greyhound ban in the ACT, also recently describing it as “a great pastime for good old working class Australians.”

It comes as the fellow conservatives the Canberra Liberals have yet to give Canberrans an honest answer on whether they intend to bring greyhound racing back to the ACT.

The ACT greyhound industry had long made claims of ‘an unblemished animal welfare and integrity record’ which were found to be inconsistent with a number of reports into the industry, including the Canberra Greyhound Racing Club’s own data on dog deaths and injuries.

The Greens are proud that ACT remains the first Australian jurisdiction to have banned the cruel and outdated greyhound racing industry, with the last race occurring on 29 April 2018.  

The Greens committed to a ban on greyhound racing at the 2016 election. The Greens-Labor Parliamentary Agreement negotiated in 2016 played a key part in ending the $1 million annual taxpayer subsidy to the greyhound industry in Canberra, and for now, has put an end to the industry in the ACT altogether.

Comments attributable to Jo Clay, ACT Greens Animal Welfare Spokesperson and candidate for Ginninderra:

“Mere days out from the election, the Belco Party have finally confirmed what we all suspected - what they really want is to bring back the cruel and exploitative dog racing industry to the ACT.

“You can’t be serious about addressing animal cruelty and at the same time, back greyhound racing. 

“A vote for the ACT Greens is a vote for animal welfare.”

Media alert: Jo Clay will be available for additional comment on request.

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