Zed's in trouble


Penny Kyburz, Greens Lead Senate Candidate for the ACT
Tim Hollo, Greens Candidate for Canberra

The ACT Greens have released the first ever poll of the new federal seat of Canberra.

In this snap Senate voting intention poll of 808 Canberra voters taken on Monday night, the Greens are ahead of the Liberal Party - and in first place among voters 18-34 years of age. This is a great start to the Greens' campaign to replace Liberal Senator Zed Seselja and to win the new House seat of Canberra.

The poll also demonstrates that Zed Seselja's public support of Peter Dutton and voting record against the views of the Canberra community are costing him support, even among Liberal voters.

"People in Canberra want to replace Zed Seselja in the Senate with a more progressive voice who will actually represent us," said Dr Penny Kyburz, ACT Greens Senate candidate.

"Most of our community is angry that Zed uses his position in the Senate to pursue his narrow conservative agenda, instead of representing the views of the vast majority of Canberrans.

"Zed's public support for Peter Dutton looks like the final right-wing straw for many Liberal voters in Canberra.

"I'm running for the Senate to replace Zed and actually work for the Canberra community, instead of Zed's hard right backers."

Because the Greens have previously only targeted a Senate seat in the ACT, the Senate vote is a good guide to the potential Greens vote in the House. In winnable House seats like Melbourne and Macnamara, the House vote for the Greens lifts to match the Senate vote.

Greens candidate for the seat of Canberra, Tim Hollo, said “It’s clear that many people in Canberra are looking for a better way of doing politics than the major parties offer.

“Penny and I will be working hard to show that the Greens are the positive alternative for people looking for representatives who treat refugees with humanity, face up to climate change, and work with integrity in Parliament.”