Michael Brewer

Candidate for Kurrajong

Hi, I'm Michael Brewer, your ACT Greens candidate for Kurrajong.

I'm running as a Greens candidate because I believe we can create a just society that ensures housing for all, free access to healthcare and education, and clean, renewable energy. 

We need to put people first, not corporations, which can only be achieved by taking corporate donations out of politics, and funding elections publicly, so politicians work for you.

I’m passionate about action on climate change because I think it’s the biggest threat to social justice. The old parties refusal to act on this emergency is unjust as it will increase inequality and fracture our society. 

I know that the Greens, as a grassroots movement which refuses corporate donations, is the only party which puts people and the climate first, so we can act swiftly for climate and social justice.