Rebecca Vassarotti

Hi, I'm Rebecca

I’ve been one of your Greens MLAs for Kurrajong since 2020. And I am excited to again be one of your Lead Candidates for the 2024 Legislative Assembly election

I was born in the heart of Canberra at the old Canberra Hospital, and spent my childhood raised on the other side of O’Connor Ridge in Belconnen. For the last 11 years I have called Dickson my home, where I live with my partner and have raised our three children and our spoodle.

After graduating ANU with a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Environmental Law I entered the public service, where I worked in urban services, environment, and finally the Bushfire Recovery Taskforce after the devastating fires in 2003. Prior to being elected as one of your two Greens MLAs for Kurrajong in 2020, I worked extensively in the community centre, including with ACOSS, CHC, the Racing and Gambling Commission, and 10 years as CEO of YWCA Canberra. My career has helped foster a deep passion for the environment and improving human services, and spurred me to join the Greens in order to contribute to a different kind of politics, one where people and planet are placed above profit.

We’ve achieved so much in the last few years in Canberra. But in the midst of a growing Inequality crisis, now more than ever we need to invest in our public services to lift Canberrans out of poverty. In the face of a warming planet and an El Nino Summer, and with the memories of Black Summer in 2020 still fresh in our minds, we need immediate action to protect our natural environment from the threats of Climate Change.

Together we made history in the last election, beating the Canberra Liberals for a second seat in Kurrajong by only 407 votes. In the years since, me and my ACT Greens colleagues have shown in the Assembly that pressure works, and that the ACT Greens are the best positioned to deliver progressive outcomes in our community. Join me on the campaign trail to keep making Canberra the fairer city we deserve.