Sam Nugent

HI, I'm SAM,

I’m excited to be your Greens candidate for Brindabella.

Born in Brisbane, I moved to Canberra in 2017 and have called Tuggeranong my home since 2022, when my husband and two rescue cats moved into our apartment in Greenway. I love Brindabella, from Lake Tuggeranong to the mountains in the south of the electorate, and our wonderful, diverse community.

As someone who fled domestic violence and experienced homelessness, I became drawn to politics with a desire to make a difference in equity for housing, healthcare and women’s services for victims and survivors of domestic violence. For 25 years I practiced as a psychologist and rehabilitation clinician, working nationally to assess and rehabilitate patients with complex physical injuries and illnesses combined with mental health conditions. Throughout my career I have been driven by caring for people, innovating solutions for their needs, and this is what drew me to the Greens.

The Greens are the only party who truly cares about people and planet, and unlike the other major parties not driven by self-interest, greed or power. My husband and I faced eviction from what we thought would be our “forever home” in Canberra, and it’s left me passionate about fighting for better housing security and renters rights. As your Greens candidate for Brindabella and as a woman with an invisible disability, I will advocate for improving accessibility and funding our community health facilities for older residents and people with a disability.

In 2020 the Greens won Brindabella by 82 votes. Since that time my Greens colleagues have shown in the Assembly that pressure works, but there’s still so much work for us to do. Join me and my campaign team to keep Brindabella Green in 2024.