Soelily Consen-Lynch


I am excited and proud to have the opportunity to represent our community as one of your Greens candidates for Yerrabi at the upcoming ACT election

I was born in Suriname, spent my next 30 years in the Netherlands, and then like so many others in Yerrabi I migrated to Australia in 2013. Since 2014 I’ve called Bonner my home, alongside my husband and daughter.

I love Yerrabi, and the vibrancy of our diverse neighbourhoods have welcomed me and my family since we arrived. But while a quarter of people in Yerrabi speak a language other than English at home, this diversity is not reflected in the Legislative Assembly. There is strength in diversity, in respect, inclusion and a sense of belonging for all. I believe that people who feel heard and represented provide bigger, more positive contributions to our society, and that’s why I’m standing to become your Greens MLA for Yerrabi.

After studying Law at Utrecht University, I began my career as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal officer with the Royal Dutch Army before entering the union movement. As a legal advisor and counsel with the Dutch Building and Construction Union, I stood up for workers, holding companies accountable during the GFC. Since my move to Australia I’ve continued those efforts, working as a Field Organiser with the CPSU and now an Assistant Director with Canberra Health Services.

In 2020 the ACT Greens made history and elected 6 Greens to the Assembly, and in the last 4 years we’ve shown that pressure works. But there’s so much more to do. Gunghalin is one of Australia’s fastest growing areas but our community lacks the infrastructure we deserve. Join me this year, together we can make history, and provide real positive change for Yerrabi.