Real Climate Action

Climate change is the biggest challenge our society and planet face.

We’re proud to have proven that world-leading climate action is possible in Australia, powering the ACT by 100% renewable electricity. 

The old parties and status quo are clamouring for a return to normal in the wake of COVID-19. 

But we can’t return to a normal that does not urgently address climate change - this would be stepping out of the frying pan and into the fire. 

That’s why the ACT election on October 17 is critical to the climate movement. A strong Greens vote will show the Morrison Government and Federal Labor that voters want them to work with the Greens to achieve real climate action.

It’s also an exciting time for climate policy in the ACT. Now that we’ve reached 100% renewable electricity, we can focus on other greenhouse gases and create Australia’s first climate-resilient, green economy and community.


Real Climate Action - Achievements


Our Plan

Fund thousands of jobs in green industries through our green jobs package, including research, education, electrification, design and manufacturing
Make our houses and buildings more sustainable
Transition our vehicles and transport into electric and zero emissions alternatives
Build a Canberra-wide walking and cycling network to ensure everyone has the option to use a sustainable travel option wherever they want to go
Plant and care for tens of thousands of trees to reach 30% tree canopy coverage across every suburb in the ACT
Implement our groundbreaking Repairing the Land and Repairing Waterways plans to turn Canberra into an urban biodiversity sanctuary
Switch households and businesses from gas to renewable electric heating and cooking
Ensure we have a just transition to a zero emissions society
Increase our research and education efforts
Develop ACT wide organic waste recycling, to keep food out of landfill and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Establish the Molonglo Commercial Centre development as a cutting-edge, zero-emissions commercial centre


Real Climate Action - Facts