Bill Pheasant

Federal Candidate for Menzies

Hi, I'm Bill


I’m a long-term resident in Menzies, and with a degree in science and a career in communications I know that facts matter. We need accountability in government. Unless we urgently address climate change, our children face an uncertain future. As your representative for Menzies, I’m committed to making a difference.

We have been reminded through the Covid pandemic that there are too many obstacles to some of our most basic needs: access to nature, a fully funded public health system, free education and free childcare. We’ve also been reminded about the importance of strong local communities - I’ll work hard to ensure our local areas are sustainable, healthy and thriving.

The two major parties are mired in a cycle of loyalty to their donors, not to the public. We need full disclosure of political donations, and a robust Federal anti-corruption body.

With your vote we can make a world of difference by getting the Greens in balance of power.