Ban fracking!

Shale gas FRACKING is a threat to the NT that risks global climate impacts and ignores federal responsibilities

In 2018, the Morrison Liberal Government withheld GST funding from the Northern Territory until the fracking moratorium was lifted. The Gunner Labor government in the NT gave in to this blackmail.

Now, in the name of Covid-19 economic recovery, fossil fuel lobbyists and Morrison government bullies are pressuring the NT government to remove regulatory protections for the environment and communities. Given its track record, there is a very real chance the NT government will give in to this pressure too.

The Greens want an immediate, total, permanent ban on fracking.

The recent NT government fracking inquiry, the ‘Pepper Inquiry’, cost taxpayers over $2.9 million. One of the key findings of the Inquiry, which everyone already knew, is that there is NO social license to operate for the fracking industry in the NT.

Here’s what the Inquiry found:

For a significant majority of the people participating in the Inquiry, the overwhelming consensus was that hydraulic fracturing for onshore shale gas in the NT is not safe, is not trusted and is not wanted.”

(Fracking Inquiry Summary Report, p6)

Aboriginal people from regional communities who made submissions to the Panel almost universally expressed deep concern about, and strong opposition to, the development of any onshore shale gas industry on their country. The widespread perception was that if such an industry is established, irreparable harm will be done with no correlative benefits flowing to affected communities. This was based in large part on their experience with other mining projects. Aboriginal people from regional communities in the Beetaloo Sub-basin repeatedly told the Panel about environmental problems experienced as a consequence of the mines at Redbank and McArthur River and the haul-road built by Western Desert Resources.” (Final Report, Ch 11, p266)

When I see a map of country, I see land, sea and family. When they see a map of country, they see mining fantasies. When I see the seabed, I see sacred sites. When they see the seabed, they see dollar signs. When I see a map of exploration permit 166, I see them trying to reduce my country to three digits... People ask me for my story, but my story is your story.” (Ms Alice Eather, My Story is Your Story. Final Report, Ch 11, p266.)

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