Caring For Country Plan

The Greens have always supported the Indigenous Rangers program, and we’d love to see it grow. It is a proven success and a fantastic intersection of science, environmentalism, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ traditional land management practices.

Our Caring for Country plan would see South Australia establish its own Indigenous Ranger program, with a staged rollout over four years. Growing Indigenous Ranger jobs is an opportunity to tackle environmental threats like feral animals, weeds, and dangerous wildfires – as well as an opportunity to pull further investment from the Federal Government, NGOs, and businesses.

What’s included:

Creating a dedicated SA Indigenous Ranger program to develop and support land and sea management in the state
50 new Indigenous Ranger positions across the state over the next four years in a staged rollout, with $20 million funding. The Indigenous Ranger positions are intended to be flexible, and can be part time or casual. These jobs are focused on delivering environmental benefits for all South Australians by supporting remote and regional land and sea management as well as delivering multiple social, economic and cultural benefits for Indigenous people and communities
Boosting the current co-management scheme, and supporting Aboriginal organisations to lead work protecting nature outside of national parks as well