A Fair Go For Renters

Everyone needs a home where they can feel secure, live comfortably and be part of the community.

With so many now locked out of home ownership, affordable and secure long-term rental options are vital. Sadly, many people are experiencing housing stress and have no certainty about where they are going to be living in a year or even six months’ time. The ability for landlords to easily evict people without grounds causes great uncertainty and stress, especially for families with school-age children. Others live in a climate of fear of being evicted, discriminated against or “blacklisted” against if they speak up about urgent repairs or other issues with the property.

Many family pets are surrendered to shelters when people have to move rental properties and the new landlords won’t allow pets. Having to abandon the family pet in order to have a place to live should not be a choice that anyone has to make.

The system is skewed against people who rent and in favour of landlords. We need to redress the imbalance and provide better security, rights and protections for people who rent. People should be able to live in a quality home that is safe and comfortable, with their pets and long-term security of tenure.

Taking action

The Greens want to provide stability to people who rent, make homes affordable, ensure minimum housing standards, allow people to create a home, and give renters better rights and protections.

The Greens will:

  • Create a minimum standard for rental homes, including energy efficiency and security standards, with certification required to be provided to potential tenants to verify that minimum housing standards have been met;
  • Legislate to prohibit ‘no-grounds’ evictions ensuring that only legitimate reasons are able to be used by a landlord to terminate a lease;
  • Require all Tenancy agreements to include ongoing leases as the standard lease option with a minimum notice period of three months for termination by the landlord for specified grounds only;
  • Prohibit “rental bidding” which force potential tenants into unfair rental auctions;
  • Allow people to rent with their pets, other than in exceptional circumstances, 
  • Allow people to make minor and reversible changes (like hanging pictures and installing modern communications technology). This will require the landlords’ prior written consent, and the landlord may require that a suitably qualified persons makes the modifications, however a landlord must not unreasonably refuse consent; 
  • Limit the frequency of rent increases to one a year;
  • Establish a blacklist of landlords and property managers who have been found in breach of rental laws.