Our branches are part of the Greens grassroots approach to democracy

Joining the Greens Party means having access to a local Greens branch. Based on local government areas, these hubs are vital avenues for our members to talk about politics and policy, join local campaigning, keep up to date with local issues and have direct access to Greens representatives.

Most of all, local Greens branches are a way for our members to join like-minded people, fellow Victorians who are also passionate about progressive Australian politics. Greens members are extraordinary people, and by providing them with the space to foster proactive political and social change, the Greens aim to instil a long legacy of making a difference in the community.

All Victorian Greens members are automatically members of the Australian Greens. Being a part of our growing party means together, through the principles and aims of the Greens, we can stand up for what matters.

About Banyule Branch

The Greens Banyule branch is active in the community through a bimonthly Plate and Debate where community members get together, share food and do some deep dives into the issues of the day. The team also attends local community events and festivals to maintain a grassroots level of awareness about local concerns and issues, and by doing so, we see a revolutionary change in the Banyule community. The Banyule branch continues to grow, and so is support for The Greens message.

Our People

The members of the Banyule community have a deep love of nature and are fiercely protective of Banyule’s many amazing parklands and wildlife reserves. Unfortunately, the community continues to deal with the failures of successive governments when it comes to transport. Residents are looking for long-term solutions to tackle transport needs and environmental concerns. The Greens Banyule branch will continue to focus on these issues because they matter to our local community.

You can contact the Greens Banyule branch via email