Bayside-Glen Eira

About Bayside Glen Eira Branch

Promoting a different kind of politics and vision for our future is something we’re passionate about. We’re very active in elections where we work to see our member developed policies enacted from local to national level.

In 2020 we ran candidates in Bayside and Glen Eira Council elections, with David Zyngier elected in Glen Eira as a Green.

The branch offers the opportunity to meet like-minded progressives, discuss the issues of our times, and join together to develop an evidence-based and achievable plan for positive change to our communities.


Our People

The members in the Bayside and Glen Eira areas are active in a wide range of local to international activities based on their deep love of the natural environment, the need to urgently address the threats of climate change as well as compassion for people locally and across the globe.

We want to ensure that no-one is left behind, disadvantaged or discriminated against. We value policy based on evidence and transparency at all levels of government.

We welcome all volunteer involvement regardless of how much or little you can contribute.

In recent times our members have been active in:

  • establishing Elsternwick Park for habitat restoration and ‘re-wilding’
  • championing Bayside and Glen Eira Councils to declare a climate emergency and act swiftly to reduce global heating
  • promoting planning for sustainable cities with active transport
  • tackling the waste crisis by introducing green bin food waste composting, reducing landfill by up to 40% and soon to be rolled out ‘glass only’ recycling bins
  • working with Boon Wurrung Foundation with Glen Eira being the only Council in Australia to mark 26th January 2021 by flying the indigenous flags at half-mast.


Messages from our members and supporters

“The Greens commit to reducing carbon emissions urgently and creating a fossil fuel free future. Investment in infrastructure for walking, cycling, electric vehicle use, as well as efficient & affordable public transport, and collective behaviour change, is so important. The Greens proposal for a Bike Superhighway is one example of what is possible. Let's "think big" locally, and take the best Green innovations from around the world and adapt these to our own neighbourhoods, and at the same time, support top-notch local innovation. We can achieve both sustainable communities run on renewable energy and a strong, resilient economy."

- Bronwyn


"My work life revolves around medical research. It’s been so reassuring to see governments responding to scientific evidence from experts to guide policy during the pandemic - we’ve seen the power of what can be achieved quickly if we are united in our actions. Yet the science shows that our warming climate poses a far greater threat than Covid-19 and we’re experiencing its effects right now. Glen Eira and Bayside Councils’ declaration of a Climate Emergency was a critical first step and now we need to translate the intention into action.

It’s appalling the way our Federal politicians drag their feet and deny the evidence. The recent successes of Greens in the ACT, Queensland and Aotearoa New Zealand gives me hope and shows us what can be achieved when we take action together.”

- Anna


“I vote Greens because the Greens have been fighting to ensure that musicians like me aren’t left behind. The Greens value the arts and recognise the contribution we make.

My grandfather was a Holocaust survivor who sought asylum in Australia and the Greens policy of leaving no-one behind will always get my vote - whether it’s students, renters, or asylum seekers."

- Sol


“The Greens are the only party who squarely put climate action above fossil fuel interests.

A renewables-led pandemic recovery is the only way to truly and sustainably look after the people of Australia, and it starts at a local level. Renewable energy will provide real jobs and a sustainable economy, at the same time as giving future generations the best possible chance of a hospitable climate."

- Niklas


About Bayside-Glen Eira Greens

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