North East Victoria

Our branches are part of the Greens grassroots approach to democracy

Joining the Greens Party means having access to a local Greens branch. Based on local government areas, these hubs are vital avenues for our members to talk about politics and policy, join local campaigning, keep up to date with local issues and have direct access to Greens representatives.

Most of all, local Greens branches are a way for our members to join like-minded people, fellow Victorians who are also passionate about progressive Australian politics. Greens members are extraordinary people and by providing them with the space to foster proactive political and social change, the Greens aim to instil a long legacy of making a difference in the community.

All Victorian Greens members are automatically members of the Australian Greens. Being a part of our growing party means together, through the principles and aims of the Greens, we can stand up for what matters.

You can contact the North East Greens via email

The North East VICTORIA Branch

North East Victoria branch is spread out over a very large geographic area. Many of our members find it hard to travel to the branch so we only have a few meetings year. The development of the northeast political movement has made the region very interesting from a political perspective. It has been great to see such a rise in the numbers of people politically engaged with their local politicians and at local government level. The North East branch feels the stronger political awareness and level of community activism is strengthening the community and enhancing the positive outcomes for the region. 

Our People

Our individual members are very active in their own community and are all very busy exercising their Green values where they live. All out members love living in North East Victoria, for its natural and its heritage environmental features and a great lifestyle, far enough away from the dominance of Melbourne. The strongest areas our members are active in are local advocacy networks and groups around refugees, local land care, the environment (renewable energy programs and climate action) and international development.