Boost Victoria's Recycling Industry

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Fix the waste crisis and create jobs

Right now, Victoria needs to create jobs. We also want to cut back on our waste and protect our oceans, rivers and environment. Let’s solve these two issues together by building recycling factories right here in Victoria.  

Here’s the Greens’ plan:

  • Build 23 new recycling factories by 2025. Create 760 manufacturing jobs.
  • Ban more single use plastics (including pointless plastic wrapping on fruit!). Instead, support locally-made packaging made from recycled materials. 
  • Require State and Local Councils to use recycled materials first - like glass, plastic and tyres - in all infrastructure and major purchases, like roads, footpaths, school buildings, courts, furniture, paper and playgrounds. 
  • Provide grants to small businesses to reduce their waste - such as using reusable stainless steel take-away containers.

Together these actions would reduce waste, create manufacturing and construction jobs for the future, and help us protect our oceans, rivers and environment.