Casual Workers Need Support


Nobody should have to choose between buying food and paying rent. 

Many Victorian casual workers who lost income because of the current lockdown are being left in poverty.

The Morrison Government has announced a 'temporary COVID disaster payment' of $500 for those working 20+ hours a week, and a mere $325 for those working less than 20 hours a week. 

Casual workers will have to make this payment stretch over two weeks, given they received no financial support for the first week of this lockdown.

$325 a week for someone working less than 20 hours is less than minimum wage and less than the average rent for a 1 bedroom home in Melbourne. It's also below the poverty line.

For those living paycheck to paycheck, how can they expect to pay for rent, food and essentials with this meagre support?

This risks plunging half a million workers into financial hardship.

Casual workers have been struggling through the pandemic and are being left behind. They were denied Jobkeeper by the federal government last year, and now Jobseeker is back below the poverty line at just $43 a day. 

Governments need to do much more to help casual workers. This is a crisis and needs a crisis response.

The Greens will keep fighting for:

  • The federal government to make emergency payments of at least $3000 to workers who have lost their income during lockdown. 
  • The Victorian government to reestablish its renter support grants immediately and protect renters from eviction.

Join us in calling for better support for casual workers and renters during this lockdown.