Don’t burn Victoria’s waste

I call on the Victorian Government to stop toxic waste incinerators
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Sign the petition to stop toxic waste incinerators.

Right now a new polluting and hazardous industry is being given the green light in Victoria.

Labor has announced plans to burn one million tonnes - 85% - of Victoria's household waste in large-scale incinerators.

Burning waste will pump poisonous air into our communities and create climate pollution.

Setting fire to our problems is not a solution. We need to focus on waste-reduction, not toxic incinerators.

Premier Daniel Andrews can stop this today. Sign our petition calling on the government to: 

  • Stop all waste incinerator projects
  • Focus on waste-reduction plans, such as allowing food scraps in green bins for composting, and phasing out unnecessary single-use plastics

For decades the government has neglected waste and recycling, and now they want to burn the problem. But we can fix it by phasing out unnecessary waste, fostering a reusable culture, and building our local recycling industry which would create local jobs.

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