End Extinction in Victoria

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Join the urgent campaign to save wildlife and habitat from extinction.

Victoria’s environment and wildlife has been in decline for decades, and now the summer fires have pushed 185 species of birds, fish, insects, plants and animals to the brink of extinction.

For generations, successive Victorian Labor and Liberal Governments have allowed big companies to clear land and cut down forests, killing wildlife and destroying habitat. On top of this, the climate crisis and catastrophic fires are pushing the world around us to its limits. 

But right now we have an opportunity to turn things around. 

The Victorian Parliament is holding an urgent investigation into Victoria’s extinction crisis and what can be done to fix it. Inquiries like this have a track record of getting results in Victoria. 

Together, we can ensure the Victorian Parliament and Premier Andrews that our community wants a healthy, thriving Victoria for birds, people, gliders and all the creatures that call our beautiful state home.  

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