Stop logging native forests in Victoria

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Demand an end to native forest logging in Victoria.

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UPDATE 5/8/22: The Vic Labor Govt has just passed laws that will see forest defenders slapped with a $21,000 fine (or one year in jail) for protesting logging in our state. Earlier this year, they changed laws to make illegal logging legal. It's clear that this government will stop at nothing to keep logging Victoria's forests, despite worsening climate and extinction crises. Please add your name to call for an end to native forest logging in Victoria now. 

Over a million hectares of land burned during the 2020 bushfires. The impact on forests and wildlife was devastating.

Yet ancient native forests in Victoria are STILL being logged – killing animals and destroying habitat for endangered species. What's more, scientists have warned that logging forests increases fire risk and makes bushfires worse.

Just months after the fires were contained, Premier Andrews signed a deal with the Morrison Government to lock in another 10 years of logging in Victoria's native forests, exempting it from environmental laws. 

Logging native forests is not only extremely bad for wildlife, it's costing taxpayers money. Ending native forest logging now - instead of in 10 years - would save Victoria $205 million.

Our remaining native forests need to be protected as
 habitat for birds, endangered possums, gliders and insects.

Please add your name to ask the Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and Environment Minister to immediately end logging in native forests, bring forward transition payments for loggers, and leave burnt forest areas to recover.

Click here for full details of our plan to protect and restore Victoria's forests