Demand an immediate end to logging in Victoria

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Victoria is burning. People have lost their lives and homes. The impact on animals and wildlife has been devastating.

Yet ancient native forests in Victoria are STILL being logged – killing animals and destroying habitat for endangered creatures.

To make matters worse, the logging industry now wants to log areas of forest which have burnt, and the Andrews Labor Government might let them.

This is a shameless exploitation of the bushfire tragedy for private corporation profit, and we can’t let it happen.

These burnt areas need to be protected, so they can regenerate as habitat for birds, endangered possums, gliders and insects.

Logging cannot continue. We need to protect what’s left of Victoria’s precious ancient native forests, for the future of our threatened species.

Please add your name to ask the Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and Environment Minister to immediately end all logging, bring forward transition payments for loggers, and leave burnt forest areas to recover.

Click here for full details of our plan to protect, restore and transform Victoria. 

Header image: Logging in East Gippsland via Lizardstomp