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Victoria needs to make housing more fair for young people

Victoria needs a housing system that puts people before profit

Victoria’s housing system is cooked – we need to give young people a chance to own an affordable home.

While young people struggle to pay for rent, or save for a deposit, investors and property developers are getting richer. 

It doesn't have to be this way. Governments should make sure there is enough affordable housing for everyone. Renters should also be protected so they can enjoy a better standard of living.

Everyone can have an affordable home. But to make that happen Victoria needs to build more homes and stop investors making huge profits.

The Greens are leading the charge in Parliament. 

We are advocating for:

  • Building more affordable housing 
  • Rent caps, so rents are more affordable
  • Cooling standards and insulation for rental homes 
  • An end to unfair housing tax breaks for wealthy investors and property developers

When the government feels the pressure from the community as well as the Greens in parliament, we can achieve big steps forward.

Join the campaign to be part of pushing the government to make housing fairer. 

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